PrimaLoft Gold

PrimaLoft Gold

PrimaLoft creates premium insulations + fabrics designed to be felt by you and the planet. Many materials are made from tiny fibers. Here’s how PrimaLoft fibers are different: 

Warm: We start every material with ultra-fine fibers designed to trap warmth. This allows us to keep you comfortable and thermally-regulated – from winter to spring, from the mountains to your bed.

Dry: Our water repellent products are created with fibers that are inherently hydrophobic + repel water. In other words, our fibers want to stay dry just as much as you do.

Soft: The thinner the fiber, the softer the material. PrimaLoft fibers are thinner than a human hair - so they’re incredibly soft. Whether you’re setting out for a day of gardening, or settling in to binge the latest series, it’s our job to keep you comfortable.

Durable: Our engineers develop materials strong enough to withstand the rigors of military use. So, you can trust that PrimaLoft products are designed to last through any activity, repeated laundering and the test of time.

PrimaLoft Gold insulation was specifically designed for people who lead active lifestyles, even when the weather doesn't permit. Its primary focus is retaining and providing warmth when you get wet.

PrimaLoft Gold insulation has a clo value of 0.92, which will provide you with the same amount of warmth as 500 or 550 fill-power down would.

It also dries much quicker. With the Down Blend insulation, you will stay dry and warm for longer periods of time than you would with just regular down.



PrimaLoft engineers are relentlessly exploring how to innovate for the earth – from circular-enabled products made from recycled plastic, to renewable manufacturing technology that reduces carbon emissions, to materials designed to return to nature.

You won’t feel these innovations. But the planet will.