Becoming a Ghost

What Does Geist Mean? Geist translating to Ghost in German, evokes the spirit of being unseen.

Becoming a Ghost

Humans have been venturing into the field to hunt for their meals since the beginning of time. Our ingenuity and innovations have made us apex predators with the ability to overcome massive differences in strength, speed, smell, sound and SIGHT. Being able to outsmart a predator or prey’s ability to see, is the key to being successful.

Becoming a ghost is no easy feat, you need to incorporate colors of nature and elements of your surroundings. Billy Busch Jr.'s vision was to combine the traits of age-old traditional camouflage with new innovative features to stay a step ahead of the prey.

The Busch family has a long lineage of innovators, outdoorsmen and hunters, spanning from the old countryside of Germany all the way to the Midwest of America. Billy’s great-great grandfather Adolphous Busch would hunt Rehbock deer in Germany’s Black Forest, while generations later Billy Jr. hunts whitetail deer on his family farm in Missouri. This idea of culture and tradition inspired Billy to reimagine traditional camo to solve real world problems outdoorsmen encounter in the field, and to virtually become a ghost to his prey. 

This is where Geist was born or should I say manifested. Geist, translating to Ghost in German, evokes the spirit of being unseen. Every detail of this brand is carefully centered around tradition, heritage, and conservation. As an homage to Adolphous, who sparked the tradition of hunting in the Busch family, Geist’s signature Black Forest camo embodies the eerie surroundings of a shadowy forest at dawn and dusk. 

The key to making good camouflage is finding the right recipe of elements. Creatively bringing different colors, shapes, and patterns together resembles the process of brewing beer; alone the components are inadequate but assembled in the right formula, is a recipe for success. Billy has spent countless hours bringing his vision to a reality, encompassing the family values of “if you’re going to do something, do it right”. From researching fabric technologies to incorporating details only a true outdoorsman would appreciate, Billy has created gear that any hunter can feel confident in. As we know, confidence affects decision making and the only thing that should be on a hunter’s mind is making the perfect shot. Not worrying about being seen, heard by noisy fabric or questioning your ability to brave the elements. 


From baselayers, to jackets, to pants and waders, you can be sure of the highest quality, comfortability and versatility. The dynamic blend of fabric technologies aim to provide the gold standard of warmth and breathability of your core. Two main features that Geist Gear utilizes to stand above the competition are Primaloft® Gold Insulation and 37.5® Technology. Primaloft® Gold is considered top tier in conductive reflection of body heat to stay warm longer, Geist focuses on first place in insulation when competitors settle for silver. The patented 37.5® technology utilizes volcanic particles to thermoregulate your core's body temperature and relative humidity, creating a personal micro climate. See what all the hype is about for yourself, while comfortably enjoying being unseen.

Geist aims to bring a new era of innovation to hunters and outdoorsmen alike. Set your sights on success.

Are you ready to become a ghost?